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Weight Management

Both weight gain and weight loss can be extremely difficult to achieve without the right guidance and tools to suit your needs. This is an area that led me to become a Dietitian in the first place. I have always struggled with being able to lose weight my entire life so I know how you feel. I went to university so I could learn the knowledge and tools needed and would like to share these with you, so that you can also achieve your weight goals.


It's amazing and annoying the impact that not liking your weight can have on your entire life. For example I never used to go to the theme park for fear of being stuck on a ride. I refuse to let others feel the way I used to and that's why I want to support you.




  1. Get in touch with me via the contact us form; with a brief explanation of what you want support with.
  2. First session you have the option of phone call, email or meeting up (if possible). During the first session we will learn everything about you from your expectations, what you have previously tried, foods you like, goals etc.
  3. Using all the information from the first session we will devise an action plan together. This part can be explained via phone call, email or meeting, it's up to you.
  4. You will then have the option of follow up appointments and the frequency of these depends on how often you feel you need them. During this we will check your progress, answer any questions and make any necessary changes to the action plan to get you closer to your goals.



I really hope you give this a chance. Believe me I have personally invested in all diets from the cabbage soup diet to detoxing and nothing worked. All my advice is evidence based, easy and cheap to implement and individual to YOUR BODY. Hope to hear from you soon.

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