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Here`s what people are saying about working with Sarah's Nutrition Solutions

"I have been suffering with gut problems for the last 3 years since being diagnosed with Irritable bowel Syndrome. This made me scared to leave the house on some days. A friend recommended I get in touch with Sarah's Nutrition Solutions and it was the best thing I could have done. I felt like I was no longer alone and there was hope. They supported me throughout the whole process and made a plan that suited my needs and lifestyle. The changes I made took a while to alter my symptoms, but I am happy to say that my symptoms are a lot better than they were. I no longer feel isolated and like I can't leave the house. Thank you Sarah's Nutrition Solutions for helping me achieve the goals we set at the start"

Rick Symonds, Liverpool

"I was yo- yo dieting for the last 10 years I would lose weight and then gain it and then lose it again. I had tried everything you can imagine to shift the pounds, but a lot of these restrictive diets made me feel depressed and starving. Sarah's Nutrition Solutions really listened to what I wanted to achieve and what worked for me. The plan we made together was a realistic one that I was able to stick to. I am half way to my goal, and I know I will get there because I feel great and never hungry so it is a lifestyle change not a diet. Thank you for giving me my life back :)"

Rebecca Mitchell, Coventry

"Sarah's Nutrition Solutions came to my residential home to deliver staff training on Dementia and healthy eating. The staff reported they thoroughly enjoyed the session and had lots of simple ways to improve the nutrition health of our dementia residents. They provided loads of leaflets for us to refer back to and a contact number if we had any questions in the future. I would definitely recommend you hire them because they also provide a written report showing how you have improved the care of your residents, which is good for your ofsted report."

Odai Sabti, care home

"Sarah came to deliver a nutrition session at our family fun day. She engaged well with all participants and added fun and education to the event. Only positive feedback was given by all that attended. I would definitely use this company again in the future to make my events interactive and healthy."

Andrew Smith, Community Centre Manager

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