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Corporate & community

We have delivered numerous healthy eating group sessions across the community and corporate sectors. The aim of these sessions has varied from staff training, increasing nutrition knowledge and employment wellbeing.


The sessions have been delivered in:

  • Schools- such as healthy lunch box, snacks, weaning and smoothie bike events
  • Care/ Residential homes- including staff training on nutrition support and dementia
  • GP surgeries- weight management groups, diabetes education
  • Corporate- includes general healthy eating, weight management courses and smoothie bike events
  • Community centres- such as healthy eating talks, weight management groups and smoothie bike events


*Smoothie bike is a stationary bike with a blender fitted to the back. So as you pedal the bike you blend up a healthy smoothie. It is a fun and interactive tool combining physical activity and healthy eating.



  1. Get in touch via the contact us form detailing the session you are interested in, if it's a nutrition topic not listed above still enquire and I will produce another session if possible
  2. We will then call you to finalise details of the session
  3. We evaluate the session and complete a report for you to keep and notify you of the effect the session had on the participants 
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